Schooner Ferder


Ferder is a two-masted schooner built in oak in 1944. She was built as a

fish trawler at the Bröderna Olsson shipyard in the archipelago of

Gothenburg. After several changes of owners she came to Finland, where

the Ström family bought her in 1976, to use her as a herring trawler.

In the beginning of the 90´s the renovation started and she was rigged with

a  schooner rig in 1997.



Length                          21,3 m

Beam                            5,9   m

Draught                        3,0   m

Sail area                       340  sq.m.

Mast height                   24,6 m

Engine                          210 hp/2 cyl. 2-stroke Skandia

Generators                    380 V/220 V/24 V



Passenger capacity


Day cruises                      max .        25 persons (incl. crew)

Overnight cruises                             14 (possible with a few more)

Camp school cruises                         16 (possible with a few more)

Baltic Sea Voyages                           14



Ferder is classified and approved as a passenger vessel by the Finnish Board of        

Shipping and she has modern navigation and security equipment.