Camp school – excursion

with Ferder




Arrange camp school or an excursion and sail with Ferder. That will give the pupils a chance to acquaint  themselves with the archipelago and its culture and nature, as well as life at sea and traditional vessel sailing. The pupils will also have time to have fun together in a new and exciting environment.


The camp school can last a day, a weekend, a week – all according to agreement. There is space for 14 persons to spend the night on board. If there are more than 14 participants it is possible to, for exemple, camp on an island.



What do you get to do?

On board all the pupils will take part in all the work that needs to be done on a sailing vessel. They will have their own watch duties. Things they help with and do are for exemple: to sail, hoist the sails, navigate, they learn how to make knots, row the ship´s boat, cook, do the dishes, clean…

The work is done in small groups and most of the time together with a crew member or some other adult person. This gives the pupils the opportunity to get to know both themselves and each other under other circumstances than usual.


Where do you sail?

The home port of Ferder is at Wasa Trawl in Pietarsaari, which makes Pietarsaari a natural starting or / and ending port for a camp school sail. It can also start or end somewhere else, all according to agreement. During the sails the nights are spent out at sea, in a protected natural harbour or at the pier in some archipelago community. You can also go ashore to see a lot of interesting places during the day. The destination and the harbours are chosen together with the group and their leader before the sail starts.

The class can prepare themselves before going ashore by studying for exemple:

- Plants, animals, geology and ecology of the archipelago

- History, culture, ways of living and economy in the archipelago and coastal communities


How do you live?

In the fore of the ship there is a forecastle with berths and table, amidships there is the salon with berths, table, toilet, shower and the galley. You use your own sleeping-bags or linen. If you want to have a sauna that can most of the time be arranged in the harbours.



What do you eat?

In the galley there is a fridge, freezer and a stove with oven. You can also find all kinds of other kitchen equipment on board. You will have breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. The group can either plan their menu themselves

or get menu suggestions and recipes from the staff on board Ferder. Cooking and doing the dishes are a part of the daily routines  that the pupils take part in. In a suitable harbour dinner can be replaced by, for exemple, a barbecue on the beach.





A stay on board the Ferder is an excellent possibility to strenghten the

co-operation spirit and to get to know each other better.





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